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Krasava Board Butter

Krasava Board Butter

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Krasava Board Butter consist of mineral oil and organic canadian bees wax.

Regular care and love is so important! When you unwrap your new board it is ready for use. It was treated with mineral oil and after conditioned with our Krasava Board Butter, made from mineral oil and original beeswax. It comes with the each purchase of the board. When you need more it is available at our online store.  

If you use a board often and it begins to look dry or dull, apply a generous coat of board butter finish. We recommend to use Krasava Board Butter to seal the top of the wood surface by applying an even coat using a cloth or disposable towel. Allow it to penetrate the wood surface overnight, then wipe off any excess butter. This wood conditioning treatment helps prevent staining, cracking, and food odor absorption.  Food grade mineral oil or specialized butcher block conditioning oils may also be used, but do not use olive oil or other cooking oils to seal your board as these oils can turn rancid over time.

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