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Exotic Walnut Cutting Board

Exotic Walnut Cutting Board

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These unique and luxury cutting board will definitely be a center piece in anyone's kitchen. Whether it is for a home cook or professional, such cutting board will serve for a long time!
Board is edge grain, large, thick and heavy pieces to ensure maximum durability. 



Each board is unique and we add personalized engraving design that will make it into perfect and memorable gift. Such board will stand out in any kitchen or table service and will remind about day and moment it was presented.

In the contact form below enter your personalization details such as wording, image or request assistance with design and personal logo engraving.


This board is perfect size W18"xH11.5"x1" Thick inches. Be aware size can vary since they are made by hand not by machine!


Walnut, purple hurt, curly maple, Ash.

Each product we craft from premium and exotic hardwood is designed and built by hand from start to finish from the finest materials we can source through our network of suppliers.
Boards come packaged in the box with board butter for care and maintenance.

Care Information: 

Care and maintenance information card comes with the board.

HAND WASH ONLY and dry with towel after.
Please, apply light coat of butter at least every 6 month or once you notice board starts looking dry. With love and care, it will serve you for many many years!

Bulk Orders are available upon request! Send us a message and we will discuss details and volume discount.

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