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Classic Birch Butcher Block

Classic Birch Butcher Block

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It is beautiful custom build Butcher/chopping board from birch, beech and padauk hardwoods. Classic end grain build for functional daily use and padauk line to highlight the board and make it a décor piece for your kitchen. It has handles for comfortable lift and we include non slip mat for board to stay solid on the counter during cutting process. 

End grain boards are known for their amazing beauty, resilience and resistance to cuts. They are also very kind to your knifes and easily take chopping and heavy use.


W22.5xD13xH2 inches (with added Juice groove)

Be aware size can vary since they are made by hand not by machine!


Birch, Beech, Padauk

Each product we craft from premium and exotic hardwood is designed and built by hand from start to finish from the finest materials we can source through our network of suppliers.
Boards come packaged in the box with board butter for care and maintenance.

Care Information: 

Care and maintenance information card comes with the board.

HAND WASH ONLY and dry with towel after.
Please, apply light coat of butter at least every 6 month or once you notice board starts looking dry. With love and care, it will serve you for many many years!

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