Just incase you are wondering who created Krasava Builds Co. My name is Aleksei Sidorik, I have been building things for as long as I remember. My professional experience in construction and renovations began 15 years ago. During 2020, most of us spent a lot of time at home, so did I. My partner in life and business, Kateryna and I are not kind of people who can sit still so we began building things at home. It quickly spread to friends and neighbors. That's when idea was born to create open shop specializing in woodworking for residential and commercial spaces.

The idea of Krasava Builds Co. was realized with a vision to always be innovating and delivering top quality premium products for every customer. Each product we craft from premium and exotic hardwood is designed and built by hand from start to finish from the finest materials we can source through our network of suppliers. We strive for you to enjoy authentic built products, see and feel both their beauty and strength!

Krasava Builds Co. is a family operated business and consist from excellent team of specialists in different areas. Aleksei carpentry experience and  Kateryna's over 5 years of management, marketing and design experience enabled to establish work process that guarantee quality items and personalized service. And of course, our customer service manager Milo the Golden has over 2 years people pleasing experience that will leave a smile on everyone's face.

Thank you and welcome to the family!