At Krasava Builds Co. wood products are manufactured with attention to detail and designed to be functional, sustainable and timeless for you to enjoy. 

Cutting boards, charcuterie boards and butcher blocks

Purchases of Krasava Builds Co. cutting boards, butcher blocks and charcuterie boards are covered by a 6 month limited warranty by the maker. This warranty coverage is applicable against manufacture defects and workmanship. If a product is found defective, Krasava Builds Co will either repair or replace the item on behalf of the customer.

If you have a problem with your Krasava Builds Co. product we will require 3 good quality photos of your board that will help us to determine if the board has been cared for properly. Please, email us the required photos of the damaged item to: krasavabuilds@gmail.com. It will greatly help expedite the process.

  1. Photo of the full front.
  2. Photo of the full bottom
  3. Photo of the problem area.

The following are not covered under this warranty:

  • Damage from intentional or accidental drop
  • Abuse, alteration or use of cutting board for purposes other than it was intended
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Splitting, checking or cracking due to inadequate oiling of cutting board (please see care instructions link below)
  • Damage due to putting cutting board into dish washer
  • Damage due to exposing cutting board to extreme heat, cold or open flame
  • Warping or cracking due to storing of cutting board in excessively damp or humid environment
  • Damage or wear to swivel mechanisms

We highly recommend you read the appropriate care instructions for your cutting board, butcher block or charcuterie board, provided and packaged along with the board  or on the Krasava Builds Co. website here: https://krasavabuilds.com/blogs/news/care-instructions

Please, note that in the event that warranty service is required right after purchase or during first 3 months, Krasava Builds Co. will be covering shipping and delivery cost. After 3 month of purchase customer is responsible for shipping and delivery of item.

Furniture products

We realize that purchasing our furniture is an investment in quality that will last for generations to come. Our items are built for durability and longevity, however any movement, checks, knots, warping, swelling and discoloration are natural characteristics of solid wood furniture and can develop over time. There are also diverse environmental issues that may affect your furniture and develop over time like light, temperature and humidity.

Krasava Builds Co. warrants all products for one (1) year after installation. Any defects in product and/or craftmanship will be replaced at no fee (not including damage due to improper handling, cleaning products, or damage by other trades).

DAMAGE DURING SHIPPING. Please inspect your purchase immediately upon receipt. All items are professionally packed to ensure safe shipping. Visible freight damage must be noted on the freight bill prior to taking receipt of the orders. Concealed damage claims must be filed within 5 days of receipt of shipment and include photos of the damage. Please save all of your paperwork and packaging materials and contact us immediately to arrange for warranty claims.

Modifications done by the consumer or other parties will void all warranties. It also does not apply to commercial use which includes rental, business or institutional. Any chemical treatments, cleaning products or protective coatings void all warranties of Krasava Builds Co.

SIZE AND DIMENSION VARIABILITY. The sizes and dimensions may vary slightly from the actual sizes and dimensions of delivered products, due to expansion and contraction of wood products, the inherent nature of the materials. The customer assumes all risk regarding determination of a product’s correct size and dimension. In no event shall a mistake in size or dimension of the product, due to customer error, result in invalidation of any order or require any refund to the customer.

WOOD AND COLOUR DISCLAIMER. Krasava Builds Co. cannot guarantee colors due to the variances in woods natural color, grain, etc. We have no way to assure exact wood colors. Sample colors or grain may also vary. Because of normal variations in the density and graining of wood itself, the same stain applied to different pieces of wood from the same species may result in some color variations. Softer areas and end grain surfaces will accept more stain, and often end up darker in these areas. This is a natural reaction to stains and therefore potential color variations cannot be controlled.

The customer acknowledges that wood used in Krasava Builds Co. products may contain mineral deposits, pits, gum streaks, small pin holes, knots, checks, cracks, color differences, unusual grain patterns, darker heart wood, etc. The frequency of such features will depend upon the material specified and will vary in all handmade and machined pieces. No two products produced by Krasava Builds Co. are exact duplicates, and therefore there are no representation or guarantee that products will appear exactly same.

EXPOSURE TO LIGHT.  All woods are photosensitive, any light source, be it natural or artificial will eventually change the color of wood. Exposure to direct sun light will accelerate this natural process. These spots are permanent and cannot be removed.

Helpful Hints to Ensure Enjoyment of your Purchase

  • Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time
  • Do not use detergents, abrasives cleaners, or other improper cleaning agents, wipe your furniture with a slightly damp cloth in the direct of the grain and dry with a soft cloth wiping in the direction of the grain.
  • Avoid placing furniture directly in front of radiators, fireplaces or other heat sources
  • Try to maintain humidity levels of approximately 40-45%
  • Avoid impact by hard or heavy objects
  • Wipe off liquid spills immediately
  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the furniture, it will harm the protective finish
  • Select a location where your furniture will not be bumped.
  • Writing pads are recommended to use on desks and table tops to protect against marking surfaces


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