Care and Maintenance for your Butcher block, Cutting and Charcuterie Boards

At Krasava Builds Co. we create premium quality products, made from hardwood like maple, walnut, purple heart etc. These days lots of homeowners are investing in premium wood cutting boards, butcher blocks and countertop charcuterie boards. Owning a fine piece of handmade piece is very rewarding. Therefore their beautiful look we encourage you to use them and not just hang for display. Only when you don't need it for actual cooking, it can serve you as great décor addition for your kitchen.

Knives are primary tool we use  (Cleavers, Axes or Hatchets are not recommended as they are just to much for boards to handle) when cutting veggies for your charcuterie board or preparing meat for the grill. It's an unfortunate fact of life that wood will warp if not cared for appropriately. Let's find out how we can prevent it from happening so that our products retain their great looks and function over time!

Very important to remember! It is not a secret that most, if not all, wooden boards are made with water-resistant glue, not water-proof glue. After every use, wash your cutting board with hot water and a sponge, with mild soap or dish detergent, but not with a product intended for the dishwasher. Hand dry it with a dish towel right after. Any wooden board would not like be be left unattended and soaking in a sink or dish pan. Never put a wooden cutting board in a dishwasher. The dishwasher cycle produces extreme heat, humidity, and then more heat—the wood will swell with water and then expand and contract in a short period of time causing cracking and splitting.

After using board for cutting meat or fish clean and disinfect it accordingly. Never use any chemical product or bleach as as it breaks down the wood’s natural fibers. We recommend White Vinegar or 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as effective disinfectants. Use full strength or dilute with a 1:1 ratio with water, brush your board with it, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Please, follow these practices of removal food stain (like after cutting beets) or odor ( any type of fish) from the boards.

First: pour a little kosher salt to the surface of the board, add enough lemon juice to form a paste, lightly scrub the board and let sit a few minutes to allow the salt to pull up stains and odors, rinse thoroughly. 

Second: pour a little baking soda onto the surface of your board, add enough water to form a paste, lightly scrub the board and let sit a few minutes, allowing the baking soda to pull up any remaining stains and odors; rinse and dry thoroughly. Your board should be seasoned after cleaning with salts, as these are very drying.


Regular care and love is so important! When you unwrap your new board it is ready for use. It was treated with mineral oil and after conditioned with our Krasava Board Butter, made from mineral oil and original beeswax. It comes with the each purchase of the board. When you need more it is available at our online store.  

If you use a board often and it begins to look dry or dull, apply a generous coat of board butter finish. We recommend to use Krasava Board Butter to seal the top of the wood surface by applying an even coat using a cloth or disposable towel. Allow it to penetrate the wood surface overnight, then wipe off any excess butter. This wood conditioning treatment helps prevent staining, cracking, and food odor absorption.  Food grade mineral oil or specialized butcher block conditioning oils may also be used, but do not use olive oil or other cooking oils to seal your board as these oils can turn rancid over time.

There is no general rule how often boards need to be conditioned, but we recommend at least once a month or as soon as you see it looks dry.



Do not use it in any manner that could potentially damage it! There are few thing best to avoid when it comes to proper use and handling your board. 

  • NEVER place your board in dishwasher or leave soaking wet.
  • Do not leave wet produce(like bloody meat or fish) on top of the board for longer than necessary.
  • Do not place hot dishes and pots on top of the board. It is not the purpose it was built for. It can lead to wood discoloring and damage.
  • Most of the to cut continuously in the same surface area. Distribute your cutting over the entire work surface so that it will wear evenly.

After long service it is time for maintenance! You can't avoid scratches when you use a knife on your cutting board. If the cutting board gets to a point where you want it to be sanded down and the surface to be repaired, at Krasava Builds Co. shop we will gladly do it for a fee. Keep in mind, that your board will get thinner once repair is completed. You can stop by the shop and leave your board with the maker, shipments and deliveries are not covered and will be at customer cost.

Basically Krasava Builds Co. boards are built to serve you long time and pass from generation to generation with proper care and use!


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